Applied Digital Imaging

2D and 3D modelling, augmented and virtual reality and positioning systems

The access to visual information in the form of images and videos has had an unprecedented explosion thanks to technological advances of digital cameras.

The abundance of visual information paired to the increasing power of processors has allowed new digital imaging applications to emerge and consolidate the more traditional ones. Those applications multiply each day, recording at the same time one for the biggest growth in the world of new technologies.

However, the availability of those digital images requires the execution of effective strategies to exploit all its potential. Having this in mind, the CIMMI can be your ally in the undertaking of innovative technology projects thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of its team in the field of applied digital imaging and digital vision.


The applied digital imaging axis of the CIMMI offers expertise in the processing and analysis of images in various fields of applications, including:

  • 2D and 3D image processing
  • Detection, recognizing and image tracking in both controlled and non-controlled environment;
  • 3D positioning with markers;
  • Virtual and augmented reality on PC (Windows) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android);
  • Interactive user interfaces (Kinect, LeapMotion, Oculus Rift);
  • Biometry

The expertise of CIMMI’s team is in the analysis of several types of images, originating from a multitude of sources (Level of grey, colours, infrared, multispectral or a combination of those images, point cloud, 3D formats).