Visual inspection of mechanical parts in augmented reality

The Client

Founded in April 2016, LynX Inspection is a high-tech Quebec company that develops new inspection solutions for the industrial sector based mainly on three-dimensional analysis and X-ray imaging. The company is hosted at the National Optics Institute (INO), the leading developer of industrial optical and photonic solutions in Canada.

The Problem

Lynx Inspection wanted to develop a mobile application to show the results obtained with their technology. The application allow the visualization of 3D metal parts as well as the defects detected in the parts.

The Solution

CIMMI proposed an augmented reality solution based on Vuforia technology. It allows you to view the parts as well as their faults and the associated X-ray images using a tablet and a marker. Result: Lynx Inspection now uses the app at its exhibitor fairs as well as when prospecting for new customers.