Immersia Connect

The Client

Immersia studio is a service company that surrounds itself with professionals in modeling, 3D animation, programming and video production for the realization of projects, in a concern and a standard of high performance.

The Problem

The company wanted to develop Immersia CONNECT, a new virtual reality platform for professional collaboration. The platform was to be designed to network two to thirty users in a virtual meeting place, through virtual reality headsets.

The Solution

The development of the platform was done in collaboration between CIMMI and the Immersia Studio team. This platform consists of a team building activity (team building) in virtual reality. The application was developed in the Unity game development engine for the Oculus Quest 2 platform. The team building activity is designed for groups of up to 10 individuals. Together, participants must complete four collaborative challenges. Under the supervision of a specially trained facilitator, players will have to escape from a sinking bus in the waters of a rough river, keep the bus afloat by distributing their weight evenly on the roof, row to shore and build a bridge to get home. The application stands out with the realism of its avatars. Each player can use the specially designed mobile application to take a picture of themselves and generate an avatar in their image.