Dangerous interventions simulation

The Client

Tactik360 creates and commercialize virtual reality simulators for dangerous interventions and training in fields of health and safety at work (OHS). Company was founded by firefighters wishing to help emergency responders to act safely and effectively. Their training product is unique on the market because it covers a theoretical part and a very realistic practical part.

The Problem

Tactik360 wanted to develop the practical part in virtual reality. Safe fire training methods in companies were very far from reality. The client's wish was to mix the real world with the virtual world, for the sake of realism. As technology is constantly evolving, Tactik360 needed lasting, stable and easy-to-use technical choices.

The Solution

Tactik360's knowledge in the field of fire has enabled CIMMI to develop a prototype application that allows OSH training with remarkable realism. The research made it possible to offer a turnkey and stable solution. The equipment is autonomous and allows the use of a real fire extinguisher in the virtual world. The application is relevant for neophytes as for experienced firefighters.



Tactik360 subsequently obtained the commitment of new customers and made their first sales.

They also learned a lot about technology and collaborative working methods.

Taking advantage of our network, Tactik360 has entered into partnerships, shared best practices and is now exploring new facets of virtual reality.

All these results have enabled them to align their culture of innovation already present, with their business strategy and to make better decisions.

The company continues to grow by hiring, developing new products, and has gained enough fame to attack new vocational training markets.