Acquisition, visualization and archiving of IOT data

The Client

IDEO CONCEPTS is a Quebec SME founded in 2013. Its expertise covers energy consulting, design, production and installation of IOT sensors with the aim of saving energy. Their success relies on their proximity with customers and the flexibility of their offer.

The Problem

IDEO CONCEPTS strategic development axis was on offering a plug & play solution. They wanted to develop a generic product allowing the acquisition, visualization, historization of data based on best practices of industry. Without CIMMI support, IDEO CONCEPTS would have needed to acquire the necessary expertise to remain competitive.

The Solution

CIMMI proposed a solution that exactly met the strategic needs of the company.

Result: IDEO CONCEPTS has widened its spectrum of potential customers: Manufacturing industry, White Label, LEED PassivHouse Current customers are doing more energy efficiency analysis, which is essential to demonstrate potential energy savings. In addition, through offering the best state of the art to their customers, IDEO CONCEPTS have met their objectives of customer satisfaction, preventive maintenance and total quality.