Medical Imaging

Development of managing systems, 2D segmentation, 3D modelling and image compression

More than ever, the emergence of new technologies in medical imaging requires the co-development of its primary actors such as the manufacturer, radiologist, biomedical engineers, computer experts and technologists in medical imaging.

By doing applied research and development activities, the CIMMI is actively participating in the rise of Quebec’s SMEs through technological and logistic expertise.

Health institutions also call upon the CIMMI to solve problems linked to the system’s interoperability and its integration of quality control services in medical imaging.


  • Specialized training
  • DICOM architecture (analysis and validation)
  • Images processing:
    • Image registration, segmentation and fusion
    • Object recognition
    • Identification of points of interest (ROI & VOI)
  • Integration of quality control program
  • Transfer and adaptation of technologies
  • Development of specialized software