The mission of CIMMI is to accompany businesses in their innovative process

CIMMI’s Presentation

CIMMI is a college centre for technology transfer (CCTT) founded in 2008. By it, companies have access to a multitude of advantageous funding programs in order to make their research and development projects a reality. A source of innovation in digital imaging and interactive media, CIMMI is a dedicated partner in the technological entrepreneurship.

As a member of Synchronex, CIMMI is operated by a board of experts in the field. It respects the confidentiality of its clients and helps them benefit from the intellectual properties of its products.


CIMMI has for mission to support private companies, Canada’s and Quebec’s public institutions in their innovation approach by offering innovative software solutions in the augmented and virtual reality field, as well as the medical imaging field, the 2D and 3D image processing and Web technologies.


CIMMI is determined to become Quebec’s reference in terms of colleges centre for technology transfer (CCTT) for the strategic advantage it provides to its clients. The research centre aims for a constant and significative growth of its diffusion, its quality partners and its national impact. CIMMI will maintain and even reinforce its leading reputation in the imaging field.

Corporate Values

In addition to respect, integrity, team spirit, quality of work space and creativity within CIMMI’s team, the organism aims for five fundamental values when it works with its clients:

  • valorization of its team of experts
  • strives for an exemplary quality
  • quality customer service
  • real synergy with the client
  • is proactive in the evolution of the industry